Auto Label/Sleeving Machine

Auto Label/Sleeving Machine

Power 3 Ø 220V, 50/60Hz
Motor (W) 15Wx2, 1HPx1, 6NMx1
Applicable label lay flat width (m/m) 40-160, 150-300
Applicable label cut length (m/m) 40-200, 50-200
Applicable label thickness (m/m) 0.035-0.07, 0.05-0.07
Applicable material OPS, PETG, PVC, PLA
Max speed (Max. BPM.) 80 BPM (100 m/m CL, Speed will be
different basing on CL)
Formula of label size (m/m) LEW: (Bottle Dia. + Tolerance)* 1.57
Applicable product shape Round, Square, Oval & others
Machine dimension (LxWxH m/m) 1462.5 x 904 x 1540~1960
Servo motors (W) 750W x 1