Auto Side-Seal Machine E-mail


  • With temperature- constant control design,the temperature of seal bladecan be easily adjustable.
  • Simple operation to the adjustment of packaging height.Easy change the height to fit with any different packaging size.It can reduce the time of sealing stroke and raise the efficiency of packaging speed.
  • The unlimited MD seal length design can increase selectiveness of pacakages.
  • The simple mechanism design has the operator maintain and clean easily.
  • Compact film bag making reduces the film wastage.
  • Easy speed adjustment for air cylinder.

Type Side seal
Power 1 Ø 220V 50/60 HZ
Machine dimension (m/m) 1776x906x1552
Seal size (LxW m/m) 450
Heater (KW) 1
Motors (W) 60Wx2, 40Wx1, 25Wx1, 15Wx1
Packaging speed (pack/min) Max 40
Air pressure (KG/cm2 - Psi) 5.5 (80)