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Auto Side Seal Shrink Wrapping Machine

Auto Side Sealing Machine, standard model SST-004B can adjust its packaging height basing on product to have strong seal & nice look. SST-004B adopted constant heating sealing knife by SSR control to keep stable temperature, power saving and easy change. SST-004B can reduce the film wastage & seal multiple length without any limitation. Simple design, easy operation, film saving & high efficiency, it is the latest model of wrapping machine.
  • SST-004B can pack products with any length allowing user to have more working options.
  • Packaging height & width can be adjusted by different sizes of products to enhance working efficiency.
  • The memory sets in HMI can help user set up varied working parameters with quick & easy changing size.
  • Most mechanisms are made of Modularization without welding, so machine is easy to dismantle for repairing & maintenance.
  • The forming system makes bag fitting with product to save material & reduce wastage, so it can save film cost.
  • Feature of BOX-motion help save sealing time and raise up packaging speed.
  • Screen of HMI shows sign of machine problem & instruction of troubleshooting; it help worker fix machine quick without needing to find worker’s manual.
  • Adopted continuous MD sealing design without length limitation.
  • Sealing size: No limitation length of MD seal x TD 350mm seal (L x W)
Power 3Ø 220V 50/60HZ
Machine Dimensions 2400 x 1300 x 1730 (mm)
Sealing Bar Length ∞x350(mm)
Max. Package Height H5–150(mm)
Heater MD – 0.18 (KW), TD – 0.5 (KW)
Motor 1/2HPx1,1/4HPx1,1HPx1.15Wx1,40Wx1
Packaging Capacity 60 (Boxes/Min)
Box 180x110x42(mm)
Air Pressure Required 5.5 (80psi) KG/cm2