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Shrink Tunnel

Economical Series

SST-450/550/650 CB/CR

High Speed Series

SST-450/550/650 B/R

Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel for Labels

  • Minimal temperature fluctuations as the heating elements turn on and off.
  • Consistent, gentle airflow around the product.
  • Consistent airflow from the front to the back of the tunnel.
  • Uniform heat ttransfer to 100% of the film.
  • Adjustable Tunnel Temperature Controller.
  • Adjustable Conveyor Speed.
  • Silicon Roller / Silicon Belt / Teflon Mesh Belt / Stainless Steel Wire Belt / SS slat Type conveyor System.
  • Adjustable tension setting for conveyor.
  • AC Geared Motor with VFD for Conveyor.
  • Variable speed of conveyor to suit the production rate and for better finish of the product.
Machine data
  • Heat System – Single / Double Zone