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Auto Sleeve/Lable Applicator

Auto Body Label Sleeve Applicator, SSTLE-100 is designed with SUS frame to match production requirement of Foods & Pharmaceutical industries. Width working range for easy size change & maintenance. The L size HMI screen can save several memories for easy work. Also, machine could be installed remote control feature to monitor production.
  • It is good to fit any shapes of containers. It can be shrunk to fit body well after label applying on container to increase value of products & save labor cost.
  • Modularized cutting unit for easy change.
  • Servo motor systems are adopted for label feeding & cutter to keep high accurate label cutting.
  • HMI + PLC control systems are easy to operate with many sets of memories to help worker save minutes of adjustment.
  • Width working range for easy size change & maintenance.
  • It is a lower cost system to help small or medium firms easy to step in auto packaging line.
  • Machine is designed matching CE certificate, higher safe standard.
Power 3Ø 220V 50/60HZ
Machine Dimensions 1490x 962 x 1540 ~ 1960 (mm)
Applicable Lable Thickness 0.035 – 0.07 (mm)
Applicable Lable Lay Flat Width 40 – 160 (mm)
Applicable Lable Cut Length 40 – 200 (mm)
Motor 15W x 2, 60Wx1,750Wx2
Applicable Material PVC, PET, OPS, PLA
Applicable Products Shapes Round, Square, Oval & Others Max. Speed 100 (Max. BPM.) Increase or decrease depending on the length of the label.